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Water conservation

17 Jan 2022

Rainwater Harvesting Specialists celebrate 19 years

Founders of UKs leading rainwater harvesting specialists We are delighted to share the news that Stormsaver is celebrating 19 years of being the UKs leading rainwater harvesting specialists! Since pioneering our first rainwater harvesting system in 2003, we have been helping thousands of customers to save water through reducing reliance on mains water supplies. We are going to be using this week’s blog to take a look down memory lane and revisit our journey to becoming the leaders in rainwater harvesting!

08 Dec 2021

Reducing carbon output with rainwater harvesting

Reduce carbon output with rainwater harvesting If you work in construction, building maintenance or simply own a house, you have probably heard of CO2 - it’s the term everyone is talking about after the events of COP26! Learn how rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling can help reduce carbon in this blog. 

15 Nov 2021

The latest sustainability initiative in construction and development - Water Neutrality

IT’S HERE, AND HERE TO STAY! Being Carbon Neutral is becoming the norm in construction but being ‘water neutral’ is the new climate buzz term and you need to know why. The initiative is here is here to stay, so it is important we all know exactly what it means for our daily lives. We will be using this week’s blog to give you an insight into what is means to be Water Neutral; the newest sustainability initiative on the environmental agenda.

05 Nov 2021

Quality rainwater harvesting with Stormsaver

It’s world quality week! That is why we are going to be using this week’s blog to give you a unique insight into our quality assurance process. From the point of sale to commissioning, our team have 18 years of expertise in the rainwater harvesting industry which ensures you receive a quality system.

25 Oct 2021

Adapt or Die, England faces water shortage of 3.4 billion litres per day, (says EA) and Rainwater Harvesting could be the solution!

‘Adapt or die’. That’s the message from the UK’s Environment Agency in their latest report to be released next week. The message acts as a stark warning to not only governments, but to our wider society that we need to adapt our water consumption habits to prevent water shortages in the future. One way we could do this is through rainwater harvesting! 

15 Oct 2021

Sustainable construction with rainwater harvesting

It is important now, more than ever, that everyone has a good understanding of sustainable construction so that we are equipped for future challenges! After all, 80% of buildings we will be living in by the year 2050, are those which we are building now. So, if we act now, 80% of buildings in 2050, will be sustainable. That’s why we’re going to be using this week’s blog to delve deeper into the concept of sustainable construction and why building more sustainably is essential to combat future water stresses.

19 Aug 2021

Protecting supply for the future - droughts

 At Stormsaver we are always considering our surrounding environment. That’s why this week we are focusing on a growing concern amongst environmental scientists. Droughts are increasing in frequency across the globe, particularly in the UK. Our blog will guide you through what they are, the different types of droughts and how we can help manage supply to protect us in the future.

06 Aug 2021

Filtration - A journey of water


It is no secret that water quality is an essential requirement of any rainwater harvesting system, but why is it so important? Our focus this week at Stormsaver shines a spotlight on the importance of filtration, the crucial tool to maintaining optimum water quality levels. No matter who supplies your rainwater harvesting system you should consider what filtration you need and the costs and requirements of maintaining your filtration components.


23 Apr 2021

We must act now

Industry and commerce, along with construction and manufacturing, are some of the biggest water consumers and it is time to push water to the top of the environmental agenda, alongside energy. Stormsaver can help your business to make a real difference.

21 Apr 2021

Droughts and Floods

The UK is going to be impacted by serious droughts and floods within the next 30 years. There is a 1 in 4 chance of a severe drought between now and 2050. 1 in 6 properties in England are at risk of flooding, and since 2013 we have seen 85,000 new homes built within areas of high flood risk.

20 Apr 2021

Carbon - What's the problem

6% of the UK’s total carbon emissions are associated with water use. There are serious implications regarding climate change if we do not all start to do our bit. Many solutions like rainwater harvesting can help to reduce our carbon footprint...

20 Apr 2021

Water - What's the problem

A blog to discuss the "existential threat" we face as a result of climate change and our rising population. By 2050 it is predicted that there will no longer be enough water to supply demand. We need to reduce our mains water consumption and start acting now!