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Our products

17 Oct 2022

Introducing the Carbon Neutral StormStation

Today, we launch our newest product, the Carbon Neutral StormStation. This is a unique self-contained rainwater harvesting system which combines tanks, filters, pumps, and controls all in one unit, but with the added benefit of solar technology. We will deliver your “ready to install” Storm Station to your chosen position straight from the back of the delivery vehicle. Combination of these two technologies removes all the difficulty and headache for you so all you have to do is connect and go!

05 Sep 2022

Active Attenuation

Do you have a new commercial development project and want to save water at the same time? If so, Active Attenuation could be the solution you are looking for. 

Read more here.

13 Jul 2022

Retrofitting Rainwater Harvesting. It is easier than you think!

Reducing water consumption is something we all have a duty to do. After all, the UK is set to require an extra 3.4 billion litres of water per day by 2050. So, it’s important our buildings are ready for the challenge of water scarcity.

27 Jun 2022

What are the different types of rainwater harvesting systems and where can they be used?

Is rainwater harvesting in your tender or are you keen to introduce water conservation in your building? Unsure which water recycling system is best for your requirements? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Our friendly team of experts are always here to help, and we will be using this blog to explain the different types of rainwater harvesting systems and where they are best suited.

20 Jun 2022

Reuse every drop! Why tank sizing is key to any rainwater harvesting system

Are you working on a project which involves rainwater harvesting, or interested in how we size your system to maximise water and carbon savings? Our handy guide to rainwater harvesting tank sizing is designed to show you how we size one of our rainwater storage tanks. Read more here 

10 May 2022

Get ready for the surge of Water Recycling

Water recycling is becoming more widespread than ever before as organisations look to reduce their impact on our climate. Our climate is becoming warmer, and our population is growing, resulting in a surge of demand for drinking water supplies across the world. In the UK, regulations are also changing to ensure everyone considers a water recycling system for their new developments. We’re using this blog to help you prepare for more water recycling systems in your buildings and developments so we can all save water together!

15 Jul 2021

Installation - an important process

Installation is considered one of the most important steps in the lifecycle of our respected rainwater harvesting systems, therefore if the process is carried out incorrectly, it could lead to problems arising with the system later in its life. Our systems are designed to provide safe, reliable rainwater for non-potable use in buildings of all shapes and sizes, but even a single installation mistake could have adverse consequences for the integrity of your bespoke system.

22 Apr 2021

Surface Water Management Solutions

Surface Water ManagementSurface Water Management Solutions using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties and other developments. Active attenuation can complement any SuDS scheme, and when used as part of a wider water management strategy, can provide future-proofed developments for the next generations.