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Case study

Remote wind farm - Scotland

Remote wind farm - Scotland
Remote wind farm - Scotland

Home to 14 wind turbines, the project supplies sustainable energy to homes and businesses across the UK. We worked with the client to ensure a non-potable water supply to the remote site. Due to the location, reliance on a mains supply was not possible, therefore we recommended our reliable rainwater harvesting solution.

We supplied and fitted our popular pressurised rainwater harvesting system which provides water for staff welfare facilities. The system feeds only one toilet and hand basin for use by turbine maintenance staff. Because of the low demand, investment in a mains water connection would not have been economically viable or environmentally sustainable.

We designed a bespoke system to seamlessly blend into the surrounding natural environment, whilst still allowing a reliable water supply to staff facilities. Our 3,000L underground storage tank is used to store rainwater captured from often under-utilised roof areas. The rainwater water is then distributed to points of use using a pressurised booster system.

The client requested Stormsaver’s optional UV filtration systems, allowing them to ensure water quality is consistently at a high standard. Our UV filtration system is recommended where wash basins or irrigation are in operation.

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Quick Quote

“Stormsaver has helped us to upgrade the existing rainwater harvesting system. We desperately needed support and within one month they had attended site, carried out a survey, manufactured the new control panel, and installed and commissioned the system. Together the team at Stormsaver responded quickly, understood our requirements, and worked to ensure that we had the best solution. Their knowledge and expertise have resulted in us now having a fully functional, efficient rainwater harvesting system and we would highly recommend that other clients who need their existing rainwater system upgrading, contact Stormsaver for support.”

Facilities and SHE Manager - Further Education College