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Sales Consultant - Sophie

What is your role at Stormsaver? I have the role of Sales consultant , helping out with new enquiries and managing projects through the tender process to the point of order.

How long have you been with the team? Since July 2018, a new member of the team

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most? I enjoy providing excellent customer service and learning new things each day as I take on this new role.


What is your favourite water saving tip? Washing a full machine load of clothes uses less water and energy than 2 half-loads . This means lower bills as well.


What is it about rainwater harvesting that excites you? Providing a service that is guaranteed to reduce our client’s bills, as well as benefiting the environment.


Thought for the day? The biggest room is room for improvement.

And finally, a bit of fun. Share a YouTube clip with us that makes you laugh.


" I have worked with Stormsaver for a number of years and been very pleased with the service and support provided, Lisa has been professional and offered good technical advice, which is always project specific.

I have been impressed with how the company has grown and moved with the times and look forward to the next project."

Alun Bevans - Senior Public Health Engineer at Arup

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems