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Rainmaintain Project Co-ordinator - Andrew

Andrew Blank Stormsaver

What is your role at Stormsaver?  Maintenance Co-ordinator- I work closely with our clients to schedule services, PPM visits and remedial works for the Rain Maintain department. I also work with the commercial team towards the end of a project, once a system has been installed to get it commissioned by one of our commissioning engineers

How long have you been with the team? Since 2016

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most? Working with an awesome team!

What is your favourite water saving tip? Take a shower instead of a bath. A standard, 8 minute shower uses 62L, compared to an 80L bath. Install a water efficient shower-head and you could reduce this to just 32L per shower!

What is it about rainwater harvesting that excites you? Saving money – as a Yorkshireman I appreciate the value of money. Recycling your rainwater is an obvious way to reduce your water bills. After all, why pay for something that is free to us all!

Thought for the day? A smile costs nothing, but enriches those who recieve it.   

And finally, a bit of fun. Share a YouTube clip with us that makes you laugh. 

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Quick Quote

Every day I continue to be delighted with the results that the Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system is delivering. I tell everyone about it! We've even made our water meter public to show how much water we save!

Kelvin Jones, Gorseinon Development Trust