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Directors PA - Emma

What is your role at Stormsaver?  My new role is that of Directors PA but I have extensive experience of technical estimation, HR and office management

How long have you been with the team? Since March 2005

What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most? Solving issues that arise with either client's design's or internal procedures.

What is your favourite water saving tip? When running the hot tap and waiting for it to get hot, collect the cold water in a sauce pan to use for watering plants.

What is it about rainwater harvesting that excites you? That it really can make a difference to your water bill and help out the environment at the same time.

Thought for the day? Smile. People will see it and people will hear it in your voice.

And finally, a bit of fun. Share a YouTube clip with us that makes you laugh. OK so it is more sweet than laugh out loud, but I don’t watch you tube much!

“We have been involved in the specification and installation of Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems now for over 10 years. Our very first experience of rainwater recovery was with the company and I remember Michael himself setting up and commissioning this system on site. What impressed me most even all those years ago was the company’s attention to detail, enthusiasm and professionalism and this has continued as the company has grown to what it is today.  We have no hesitation in saying our first call when it comes to rainwater recovery will be to Stormsaver, their prompt reaction, competitiveness and quality of equipment is second to none and they will always try to have the system fully commissioned when they leave the site.  We hope they continue the great work they have already done and we look forward to many more successful years working together to save even more water”

Director - WM Building Services (Leicester)

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems