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Commercial Team

Commercial Sales Manager - Julian

Commerical Sales Manager, Julian, has been with Stormsaver since 2008. As well as assisting clients with the technical specification of their rainwater harvesting systems, Julian travels the UK delivering our CPD Approved seminars, and leads our team of experts.

Julian has a wealth of experience with rainwater harvesting and is known for giving clients that little bit extra.... and extra... and extra! Julian brings fun and humour to the team. His hard work and dedication to Stormsaver over the last 10 years has been incredible and we all love working with him!.



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Technical Sales Estimator - Jess

Jess, one of our Technical Sales Estimators, is the latest addition to our commercial sales team. She joins Stormsaver from a construction background and brings a wealth of experience in project management. Jess is already demonstrating an excellent understanding of our systems and processes which has allowed her to pick up the role with ease. Jess’s personality is infectious, and we can always guarantee she will bring a burst of energy into every room she enters. Keep up the good work Jess!



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Technical Sales Estimator - Jill

Rainwater harvesting expert Jill has come to us from an experienced background in estimating and is part of our growing commercial team of estimators. Jill always has a smile on her face and her ability to learn and pick things up quickly makes her a joy to work with. Jill has incredible communication skills and is already slotting into the Stormsaver commercial team as if she has been there for years. Being able to specify rainwater harvesting can often be complicated and demanding and Jill is already showing the skills needed to be able to give attention to detail and passion to the job. We are all sure we made the right choice and are confident that Jill will become a reliable and knowledgeable expert in rainwater harvesting in record time!

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Marketing Executive - Matt

Marketing rainwater harvesting

Matt is currently with us on a years placement from Nottingham Trent University where he is studying a degree in Business and Marketing. And wow… what a buzz he brings to the office. His enthusiasm and eagerness is infectious and he lifts the spirits in every room he enters. He is thirsty to learn about all areas of the business and about water conservation and his professionalism is astounding for a someone who is still studying. He is bold, hard working and just gets on with things and is already making great relationships with our customers and producing some fantastic case studies. We know Matt will have a very successful year with us and his friendly and fun personality makes us feel very lucky to have him as part of our team.


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Sales Consultant - Catherine

Catherine, our Sales Consultant, is a crucial part of Stormsaver’s commercial sales team. With the team since 2012, her knowledge and understanding of our client’s requirements makes her a real asset to Team Stormsaver. As well as assisting clients with any enquiries or technical specifications, she ensures we continue to communicate with our clients throughout a project.

 Catherine’s impeccable organisational skills, in addition to her keen eye for detail allows her to oversee a project from initial enquiry to order placement. Catherine is always willing to assist her colleagues with any technical queries they may have and has truly become a rainwater harvesting expert in her time with us. We’d like to thank Catherine for her ongoing commitment to Stormsaver.


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Sales Consultant - Sophie

Sales Consultant, Sophie has been with Stormsaver since 2018 and assists all of the estimators in the Commercial team to ensure that we are up to date with all our projects and to make sure that our clients are well looked after and given the attention they deserve

Sophie's enthusiasm and happy personality bring a buzz to the office and we are confident that our clients are in good hands. She has a passion for detail and works tirelessly to make sure that our clients have the information that they need, when they need it.




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Quick Quote

“What an absolute credit to our team your engineer was. I was most impressed with the way he worked and couldn’t have asked for a better or more helpful commissioning engineer. I will certainly be recommending Stormsaver to my colleagues” 

Site Manager - Dyer and Butler