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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need

Upkeep Of Rainwater Harvesting System

Rain Maintain work with organisations all over the UK. Our team of highly qualified engineers will make sure your system is properly maintained giving you maximum peace of mind to help you save water, money and the environment.

A service contract will provide everything you need to keep your rainwater harvesting system running effectively and smoothly.

What Type Of System Can We Service?

No matter which type of rainwater harvesting system you may have, Rain Maintain can keep the system in the best possible condition or repair it for you. 

System Assessments

If the system isn’t functioning Rain Maintain would recommend a ‘system assessment, prior to an order being placed for a service contract. This is an advisory visit to assess the system to determine what is required to get the system up performing properly again.

 Pay As You Go visits (PAYG)

If you want more flexibility this is the best option. You can book a visit with us when you require it and pay as you go. This is a great option if you are not able to commit to an annual contract, but does mean that you run the risk of letting your maintenance lapse if you do not keep on top of it. Neglecting regular maintenance (every 6 months minimum) could be a costly mistake as equipment may start to fail.

For full details of what is included in your PAYG visit click here. 

1 Year Annual Contract

Rain Maintain provide annual maintenance contracts and we will visit you twice, at 6 monthly intervals (twice a year) to perform a full service on your system. This will ensure that your system maintenance is taken care of over the year, offering you peace of mind and better value for money! 

Our contracts commence on the date you place your order and visits are carried out at months 6 and 12.

 For full details of what is included in your Annual contract click here. 

1 Year Annual Contract PLUS

If you want an annual contract but cannot wait until month 6 for your first visit, you need the PLUS option. This includes an initial visit at the beginning or your contract period, at a discounted rate. If your system is working and you want a contract but need an immediate visit because you havent carried out maintenance for a while, then this is the best option for you.

You will get 3 visits with this contract, at month 1, month 6 and month 12 and our engineers will perform a full service on your system on each occasion. This will ensure that your system maintenance is taken care of over the year, offering you peace of mind and better value for money!

Our contracts begin on the date you place your order and visits are carried out at months 1, 6 and 12.

For full details of what is included in your Annual contract plus click here. 

Multi-Site Contract Incentives 

If you are a maintenance contractor you may have responsibility over several sites with rainwater systems, or if you are a multi site organisation you may have a number of buildings with rainwater harvesting systems. We can offer great discounts for orders for a number of sites. Multiple order discounts are subject to multiple system orders being received at the same time, and subsequent visits combined to reduce travel costs. This is very useful for those with large property portfolios across the country. 

This offer covers all rainwater harvesting systems regardless of manufacturer. 

Enquire Now

For more information please contact Rain Maintains customer service team on 0844 884 0015 or click the button below to use our online enquiry form.


“We installed the Stormsaver domestic rainwater harvesting system 8 years ago. The savings on our mains water consumption have been amazing. We are a 4 person household, with 2 kids so lots of baths and clothes washing! We use around 56m3 of mains water a year the same as an average single person household without rainwater harvesting.  Our systems provides rainwater for toilets, laundry and irrigation and has reduced our water bill over £200 a year. I specialise in designing and building low energy housing and it is important that I not only research the best available products, but actual experience using them. The Stormsaver system has been simple to install and maintain with very good after market care, I will be using their product again.”

Charlie Luxton - Architect and TV Presenter

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems