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31 Oct 2015

Stormsaver gains WRAS Approval

Stormsaver, the industry leader in rainwater harvesting, has gained WRAS Approval for both their Monsoon Eco and Monsoon Favorit domestic systems

The revolutionary system has passed stringent tests over a number of months to ensure that its mains water top up complies with the Water Regulations ensuring that there is no possibility of cross contaminating the mains water supply. Homeowners will now have peace of mind that the integrity of their water supply remains safe whilst still making savings on their water bills by utilising the rainwater that falls on their own roof.

Rainwater Harvesting

The domestic package includes a shallow dig tank, reducing labour time for deep excavations and has a control panel which has revolutionised the domestic rainwater harvesting market. The benefits of choosing the Monsoon Eco and Monsoon Favorit domestic systems by Stormsaver are numerous, but include:

  • Over 75% less power consumption than other rainwater harvesting systems
  • Suction pump uses a mere 90W!
  • The system has a DC power supply, rather than AC, meaning it can be connected to a battery backup should the power fail, ensuring your water supply is continuous
  • The mains water top up is ABOVE GROUND into the control panel, so if the pump fails the mains water can still get to the appliances
  • The Water Authorities want the mains water top up above ground so that if there is a leak it can be identified before it costs you a fortune!
  • It is robust and reliable - why take a chance with your water supply
  • Stormsaver are known for their customer service levels and you can guarantee we will support you throughout the specification and installation process and beyond.

For more information visit the Domestic section of our web site or contact us on 0844 8840015 or

‘Stormsaver have always provided a quick response to any queries and their customer service is superb’  

Project Estimator - Walter Miles

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems